144 journalists around the world were killed in 2015. Each death was a blow to our freedom of information. In order to make a global statement against violent repression, Reporters Without Borders has developed THE WEAPEN: a series of 144 limited-edition pens for 144 murdered reporters. Handmade from fired bullet casings.


Unique, limited-edition pieces. Handmade from used cartridge cases.

High-quality housing in a walnut finish. 

Supplied in hand-numbered ammunition boxes.


Renowned journalists like Giovanni di Lorenzo (Chief Editor Die Zeit), who was voted as Germany’s second most important opinion leader by GQ early in 2016, Georg Mascolo (Head of the Reasearch Cooperation of NDR, WDR and Süddeutsche Zeitung) and Gemma Pörzgen (free journalist and author) have already used the pen as a tool for the fight for freedom of information and supported the project.

Giovanni di Lorenzo, ZEIT Editor-in-Chief
Many people now spend much of their time in a parallel universe online and are trapped there: they only obtain information that confirms the opinions they already have. Independent, boldly investigative, transparent media are more important than ever before when it comes to dispelling rumors, conspiracy theories, and disinformation. 

Gemma Pörzgen, journalist and member of the Reporter ohne Grenzen Board of Directors
I advocate freedom of information, so that governments are unable to manipulate their people.

Peter-Matthias Gaede, Gruner + Jahr journalist
Without freedom of information ...
… there’s no monitoring the government.
… there’s no way to keep society informed.… there’s no democratic discourse.
… there’s no intellectual progress.
… there’s no enjoyment of diversity.
… there’s no freedom.

Jörg Quoos, FUNKE MEDIENGRUPPE Editor-in-Chief
We need to fight for freedom of press on a daily basis – because it’s much more dangerous to tyrants and dictators than any weapons, boycotts, or resolutions …

Jonas Wresch, freelance photographer
Without freedom of information, only those in power have a voice. The people are silenced and kept in the dark. If you want to promote true democracy, you have to fight for freedom of information. 

Georg Mascolo, head of the NDR, WDR, and Süddeutsche Zeitung research collaboration
Freedom of the press refers to the right to know what’s happening, why it’s happening – and what’s not as it should be. It’s a human right. Everywhere. And for everyone.

The 144 limited edition pens where sold out in under ten hours! To offer everyone the opportunity to stay involved in protecting our rights for freedom of information Reporters without Borders now offers a second, unlimited edition available on their online shop.