I am a creative / art director living in Amsterdam and currently connecting dots at 72andSunny. Working with some amazingly talented people I made a uncrashable car, turned a weapon of war into a symbol for freedom and brought lazy money back in shape. Recently the Hamburg Police awarded me with the Police-Star for helping them catching burglars.

I take care of two lovely cats, design my own furniture and love music and traveling. I really want to direct another music video and I am looking for an old sport boat for restoration. So if you can help me with that or just want to chat, feel free to get in touch.

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72andSunny - Creative / Art Director - Amsterdam
DDB - Senior Creative / Art Director - Hamburg
Jung von Matt - Creative / Art Director - Hamburg
Lukas Lindemann Rosinski - Creative / Art Director - Hamburg
Appvantage/Department M - Creative / Designer - Hamburg
Facelift BBT - Freelance Designer - Hamburg

Gold - Uncrashable Toy-Cars
Silver - Uncrashable Toy-Cars
Merit - Uncrashable Toy-Cars

Silver - Stål Kvitto
Bronze - Stål Kvitto
3 x Merit - The Weapen
Bronze - Uncrashable Toy-Cars
Finalist - Uncrashable Toy-Cars
Silver - The Howling Football
Bronze - Circle Of Friends
Merit - Bench Of Friendship
Merit - Shiftography

Merit - Stål Kvitto
Merit - Shiftography
Merit - Taxi-Glass

Merit - Stamp Up

Bronze - Lazy Money

Bronze - Shiftography
Bronze - Stamp Up

SPOTLIGHT - Silver - Uncrashable Toy-Cars
BILL BERNBACH AWARD - Gold - Stål Kvitto
EFFIE - Bronze - Lazy Money
GOOGLE FILM HACK - Gold - The Rip Off
YOUNG GUNS - Finalist - Circle Of Friends
ANNUAL MULTIM. - Winner - Circle of Friends
AOTW - Silver - Bench Of Friendship
FWA Mobile - Winner - Audi Annual Report
ADC FIELDWORK - Finalist - Whale Bagpacks
BCP - Gold - Best App - Audi Annual Report


Google, AXE, Mercedes-Benz, Adidas, IKEA, Volkswagen, Audi, Mini, Reporters without Borders, Panasonic, Lufthansa, Germanwings, RaboDirect, Unilever, Neon Magazine, Bionade and many more.